Customer Experience Journey? Process Improvement Journey? Meet Journifica!

When a journey or process needs not just to be mapped or visualized, but also validated for reliability and good sense, Journifica will get you to your journey’s end – and depths!

Journifica is an online platform for journey mapping. Customer journey mapping? Yes, you’ve arrived! Process improvement mapping and documenting? Yes, you’ve arrived!

Journifica provides owners and facilitators of customer, patient, business process or learning journeys with visual documentation tools and canvasses, and a rich survey environment through which to validate customer, patient or learner experience.

Four Steps to Journey Mapping with Journifica

  1. Identify - Working on your own or in a group with colleagues, brainstorm and identify what you believe the journey/process is or, even better, should be.
  2. Draw and Document – Use the online canvas and toolset to draw a representation of your journey or process. Attach notes – perceptions, beliefs or observations – at each touch point or process step.
  3. Question – Record questions to be explored with journey takers or process users (your research sample) at each/any touchpoint and/or process step.
  4. Invite – Invite those who (will) use the process or who experience the customer journey to participate in your guided and visual process/journey questionnaire.

Journifica consolidates inputs from your survey group participants to help you understand the journey/process and plan its improvements!

Journifica – your one tool to visualize and co-explore the customer, patient or learner journey.